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Pain! Panic!

While we're waiting for the last few parts of the Underworld to unfreeze, why don't you make yourselves useful and bring me Jack Frost? Find his weakness and use it to get him down here!

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Current Location: The Underworld
Current Mood: irritated irritated

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Everything is frozen over like a tv dinner and I can't even melt it! The river won't even move and the dead souls are sliding on the ice for cripe's sake!

[locked, unhackable]
PAIN! PANIC! Did either of you see anything suspicious in the last day or two? And if I catch either of you incompetent worms spilling my plans in full view of the community again, I'M THROWING YOU BOTH THROUGH THE ICE!

This is really going to put my plans on hold....

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Current Location: The newly frozen Underworld
Current Mood: angry furious

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Might as well get this over with....

Dark, old buddy. I should probably live up to my end of our bet, shouldn't I? Consider wherever you're staying protected including a few extra feet around the outside.

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Current Location: thebes

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